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Top 5 Best Types Of Blinds And Shades For Your Business Office

Published May 14, 2017 in Uncategorized - 0 Comments

When it comes to adding window coverings to your business office, you always have a wide variety of different options to choose from.

Blinds and shades are a superior window covering choice than curtains because you get to more efficiently control how much outside sunlight you bring into your office. Furthermore, the look of your blinds can also add to the overall look of your office.

Here are the top five best types of blinds and shades for your business office:

Cellular Shades

 Cellular shades are also called honeycomb shades and are an excellent choice for any office or home. They are available in a wide variety of colors and fabrics, with some fabrics filtering through more light and others designed to darken your room. Some cellular shades are even designed to provide your room with insulate and allow you to save on energy costs.

Mini Blinds

 Mini blinds are perhaps the most inexpensive option on this list, if cost is a factor for you. They work especially best for windows that are narrow, and are usually available in vinyl or aluminum materials. Mini blinds are also one of the most maintenance free kinds of window coverings as well and require minimal attention.

Panel Tracks

 If you have any particularly large windows in your office, then panel tracks will be your best option. These are vertical window coverings that are big enough to be room dividers if they have to. They are also available in booth light or darker colors of fabrics, with the lighter colors filtering out sunlight and the darker colors being more effective at blocking that light from your room.

Roman Shades

 Roman shades are one of the most versatile kinds of window shades out there because they can work with virtually any size of window and look appealing in any kind of room. A roman shade is simply a panel of fabric that is divided into folds. Polyester shades will offer your business space the most stylish look, while others will come installed with foam backing to insulate your room.

Vertical Blinds

 Vertical blinds are noted for their rotating slats that allow you to fully control how much light you want to enter your office space. This is also a desirable feature to have if privacy is a primary concern for you. Vertical blinds usually work best for larger sized windows over smaller ones, and are most commonly available in aluminum, fabric, faux wood, and vinyl materials.

Two different styles of vertical blinds are also available: the split draw vertical blinds will open up in the center part of the window, whereas the one way draw blinds will instead stack to the side.

Choosing Blinds For Your Business Office

 Any one of these blinds or shades will be a good choice for almost any style of office. Make your choice based on your personal preference and what you think will enhance your office’s look.

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