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4 Traffic Tips for Affiliate Marketers Stuck on a Shoestring Budget

Published April 5, 2017 in Small Business Advertising - 0 Comments

The dream of passive income via affiliate marketing often is just a dream for those who aren’t willing to put in the legwork.

However, with enough dedication and know-how, it is possible to create a strong stream of revenue from your site.

That being said, it often becomes difficult for affiliate sites to truly take themselves to the next level without spending some money on paid channels (think: Facebook ads, for example). This often becomes the make-or-break moment for affiliate marketers who must decide whether they’re going to take the plunge or remain satisfied with tepid traffic.

Thankfully, splashing cash isn’t the only way grow your affiliate site.

Whether you’re being squeezed by new small business regulations and taxes or you simply run your affiliate empire on the side, there are strategies that can help you boost your site’s traffic without spending much more than your time.

Focus on More Long-Tail Keywords

Running a niche blog that succeeds today often requires you to get pretty specific in terms of topics and keywords; however, there’s a chance that you’re missing out on potential traffic by not focusing on more long-tail keywords.

Although targeting queries that only get a few dozen searches per month may not seem like a solid strategy, consider that those hyper-targeted users have a specific intent and are therefore more likely to seek out your site if you’re creating relevant content for them. Spend some time in Google’s Keyword Research tool to see what long-tail keywords you may be missing out on and start there.

Republish Your Content

There are tons of avenues to publish your content beyond your site’s blog that won’t hit you with a search penalty. For example, you can re-purpose your content on platforms such as LinkedIn and Medium to get in front of new eyes.

However, private Facebook groups may very well represent one of the greatest growth hacks for affiliate marketers today. By republishing your blog content in niche groups without links, as to avoid being potentially hidden by Facebook’s algorithm, you get in touch with your audience directly without seeming like a spammer. This ultimately brings traffic back to your site and helps build your authority within your niche.

Consider a Link-Building Campaign

If you think that you can truly outdo your competition without building links, you’re going to find yourself sorely disappointed as your site remains stagnant in the SERPs. You simply can not rank without quality link building. The solution? Iron out some time on a daily basis to focus on link-building beyond social media.

Whether through strategic commenting or sending a few email pitches per day, the small steps you take to sew the seeds of new links now can pay big returns in the long-term.

Smarten Up Your Social Game

Despite popular belief, there is a time and place for social media for affiliate marketers. While social shouldn’t be a total time-sink, you should strive to have a relevant presence for your audience members to engage with you. By taking the time to tweet, retweet and respond to relevant content and influences within your niche, you show that you represent a human running a business and not just a money-hungry bot.

Don’t let your tight budget keep your affiliate site down. By harnessing the power of free traffic and spending your time wisely, you can grow your site while still keeping yourself out of the red.

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