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What’s the Ideal Timing for Your Next Email Campaign?

Published March 14, 2017 in Email Marketing - 0 Comments
What’s the Ideal Timing for Your Next Email Campaign?

If you have an email campaign or just a single blast that you want to get out, you may be wondering the best time to send it.

With anything in business or digital marketing, timing is essential if you want to maximize effectiveness and reach as many people as possible. If you’re sitting there with your finger hovering over the send button, wondering whether or not the timing is right, below are some considerations to keep in mind.

Avoid Mondays or the Weekends

First and foremost, the day of the week you send your email is important. Try to avoid sending any important marketing emails on Mondays because it’s usually the most hectic day for most people are your content may get overlooked. Most people are getting back into the office, going through loads of emails, and they might have other things on their mind.

When people are flooded with emails, they’re more likely to delete yours.

The weekends are obvious because people are certainly focused on other things, but you might want to skip Fridays as well because people often leave the office early on these days. At the same time, if you do want to choose between either the beginning or the end of the week, the end might be better because there’s less competition in recipients’ inboxes.

Go For Tuesdays

According to the tips above, you have a few days in the middle of the week to choose from. The best day to send emails, according to data?


People are still in active mode for the week, but they’re not as slammed as they are on Mondays.

Actionable Emails

If you’re sending an email that you want a response to, or you want it to elicit a certain action, it’s best to try and send it at the time of day when the recipient is likely to be getting less new emails.

Good times include very early mornings or late evening. If you send it during the prime business day hours, they may be too busy to take the action you’re striving for.

Later in the evening tends to work well because people often check their email before bed, but there’s also, as mentioned, less competition.

As far as early mornings, people similarly tend to check their email as soon as they wake up before they even get to the office.

Sending early morning and late night emails can be particularly effective if your audience is tech-savvy and likely to be constantly connected to their mobile device. Just be careful here. If you’re sending emails that are targeting mobile users, your content and layout need to be completely optimized so they can easily see everything on their smartphone and also take the appropriate action if that’s your goal.

Timing your emails can be as important as the content you include, so following the tips above can help you gain more visibility, and hopefully a better effect from your next campaign or email blast.





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