20 years and longer ago you could not run a business successfully without being in the Yellow Pages. You have to be in the Yellow Pages or you are no one. You are no one if you were not in the Yellow Pages because the Yellow Pages is where everyone searched for companies to do business with. You also have to be in the Yellow Pages because your competitors were in the Yellow Pages. If you were not in the Yellow Pages, then all the potential customers that you would have gotten would do business with your competitors who were in the Yellow Pages.

In today’s world, you have to do search engine optimization because Google is the new Yellow Pages. When ever someone needs to find a business, a product or a service they search Google. You have to use search engine optimization to rank your business and your website on the first page of Google for several keywords if you want to be found when potential customers are looking for the type of products and services that you have. If you cannot be found on the first page when a potential customer searches on Google for your type of industry, services, and products, then you are going to miss out on a ton of money and your competitors are going to make all the money that you could’ve made.

It is now the case, the search engine optimization is far more important than being in the Yellow Pages. No one opens the Yellow Pages to find a business anymore, they go to Google and perform a search. To be found in the Google search you have to use search engine optimization. SEO is not a luxury it is a necessity to compete in today’s business world. If you are doing search engine optimization you are killing your business and you will not last for very long. Your business definitely will not grow. Hopefully, you are the type of person who runs a business with the intention of making it all that it can be. If you are not doing search engine optimization, then you are not allowing your business to grow into what all it could be. You are choosing to leave money on the table for your competitors to grab up.

SEO is an investment in your company. We like to frame it as creating a web asset that will funnel customers to your business day after day. As an investment, you want to do SEO the right way. The right way to do search engine optimization is to focus on the things that Google is looking for when they decide that a company is worth putting on the front page. What this means is that you need quality content, unique quality multimedia on your website, you need quality links to your site, you need to dominate social media and you cannot cut corners. Your website as an asset must become the type of place that is an authority on your industry. This means that your site becomes the place where people began to associate your industry with you.

So, you should be able to see by now that search engine optimization is something that you have to do. You should be able to see by now that it is something that you cannot avoid doing if you want your business to grow. You should be able to see by now that your competitors are doing this wonderful thing and they are taking customers away from you.

If you want to get in the game, compete, gain new customers and create a strong brand for yourself, you must utilize search engine optimization.


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