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The Advantages of Having a Google Sitemap

Published June 30, 2017 in Business - 0 Comments

Who can dispute the fact that Google is currently the king of the hill when the topic being discussed is search engines? Probably none. Right now, if you’re able to get a decent page ranking in Google’s result pages, that will be a hundred times better than getting top spot in other search engines with less popularity and credibility. We can attribute this to the overwhelming popularity and authority of Google. Most of the frequent internet users today utilize Google’s services when searching for specific content or information. With literally millions of users performing Google searches every day, a high Google page rank will generally provide you with superior advertising opportunities for your business.

It’s necessary to remember, however, that there are also millions of web pages submitted to Google, so you will have to take every Google factor into consideration, and that includes Google Sitemaps. The Sitemap service was released on June 2005 and is designed to make web page submission simpler, allowing more people and businesses the chance to get visible and on Google results pages. With the help of Google Sitemaps, all website owners will be able to inform Google about their new web pages as well as any modification they made to hopefully improve their standing in Google’s search rankings. Additionally, the Google Sitemap serves as a support feature for Google’s regular crawlers, although it’s worth noting that Sitemaps generally do a better job compared to regular crawlers.

What pushed Google to create the Google Sitemaps program? Basically, it was made as a way for Google to offer better and more relevant search results to all of its users. Currently, web crawlers have a set of limitations. This results to them not being able to find all pages related to a website or topic. With only the crawlers, it also tends to be difficult to spot modifications made on a website page. In fact, since there are so many variables that search engines can’t control, there are times when crawlers end up making guesses. At such, Sitemaps is created for Google to get a clearer view of all URLS and links from a specific website as well as all the modifications done to the said site. Gathering data pertaining to these variables makes Google searches a fruitful and relaxing experience since the users are given the guarantee that what they get will be a list of highly-relevant and useful web pages.

Do you want to follow Google Sitemap to help your site’s ranking? If so, you must download the free Sitemap Generator—it will help you produce a Sitemap following the Google Sitemap protocol. Google is generally hoping that everyone will support its Sitemap feature to make website submission a breeze.

Aside from software, you can also use codes from or generated by third party providers. Google Sitemaps freely accepts these codes. In fact, it even put every reputable third-party software in a list, which you can find on the Google Sitemap pages.

If you’re looking for an online Google sitemaps generator, is the one you ought to seek as it offers both the Google Sitemap and an HTML sitemap.

Don’t be surprised when you find new features being added to Google Sitemap. As Google aims to further improve user experience, its team of software and service developers unceasingly tweak and enhance the Google Sitemap program.

Perhaps one the notable enhancement in Sitemaps is its focus on delivering helpful site reports.

That is to say, after you receive verification for your website, you will be able to see detailed report showing what’s going on in your site and what errors are popping up on all your site web pages. Some of the more specific details you will get are the following:

* All of your website links with which Google crawlers had trouble, the reason behind the errors, as well as the top queries, which provided your website with most web traffic.

* All your web page’s PR (page rank) distribution.

* Most common text found anchors (link), which other websites generally utilize to link to websites they own.

The abovementioned features, along with all the other features currently under the development stage, can bring unbelievable for all sorts of webmasters. It makes website submission and maintenance a lot easier, and it allows webmasters to get better website page ranking in a more comfortable way. Ultimately, Google Sitemaps will provide your website with better online exposure and possible better position on the Google search results pages.

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