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How to Choose a Website Name

Published June 28, 2017 in Business , Content marketing - 0 Comments

Choosing an excellent domain name for your business internet site can be very tough, but it is nonetheless essential in order to set things right for your online expansion. After all, you need it to work effectively in order to achieve your goals. In this article, my partner and I will explore the various aspects that you need to be considering, every time you try to decide on the ideal domain name. We will furthermore take you through the particular steps we employ when choosing a great domain name for our own internet sites.

Overall, what we are trying to attain is to get an internet domain name which adequately identifies our product or service, will be broad enough to allow for growth for our product or service, is easy enough for someone to recall, and contains vital keywords/phrases. From a web marketing point of view, there are also concerns of business and merchandise branding that could be brought in directly to form part of these standards. From an SEO point of view, it may be safer to use an old or proven domain name which has been registered for a long time and also already known by the search engines as they tend to be graded higher by Google and other search engines.

In this article, my partner and I shall talk about choosing the best and freshest domain name you could without contemplating your individual marketing and advertising or manufacturer requirements.

To accomplish the following steps, I like to use a couple of web browser windows and a worksheet program. It is usually necessary that you sign-up and log on to certain internet sites, and these are typically well-known and also respectable internet sites, so you can generally lay your trust on them.

Step one: Open the Overture Site, go to the Inventory, and find the keyword volume checker. Type in your merchandise name or the service that you offer and click on submit. Copy the final results on your spreadsheet.

Step two: Load WordTracker within your browser, and, using the trial offer account or a regular account, log in. Now, using the wizard, type in the product or service you entered in the earlier step. Run the wizard, and again, copy the results into a fresh space inside the spreadsheet.

Step three: Load up Google AdWords in your web browser. Navigate to tools->keyword. Type in the keywords used in the two steps earlier. Ensure that all word and phrase synonyms are checked. Copy all terms and your selected keywords and phrases, and click further to see the estimated search site visitors. Copy all final results into a fresh space on the spreadsheet.

Step four: Using the worksheet, we should have gotten three filled pages. What we are looking to carry out in this stage is to omit all information that are irrelevant or inconsequential by getting rid of them from your spreadsheet.

Step five: Sort these lists by search volume. Working from top to bottom, showcasing and copying to an available space inside the spreadsheet, you will find the most-searched about and appropriate phrases that you should base your domain name around. Repeat step five to get the top 10-15 terms and keywords and phrases.

Step six: Recognize your marketplace. Are your consumers searching for your product or service only around their neighbourhood, or perhaps they do accept international vendors as well? Having identified your audience, you can make use of this information to come up with your website extension (, .net, and so forth) in the next stage.

Step seven: Applying the completed list from step 5, you might already have found a market with minimal competition. What you want to do next is to remove all the spaces between your keywords and put them into your favorite domain name search tool. Check them and see if you are lucky enough to discover which ones of them are available for you to sign up for. If the highest-searched term is still obtainable, and it firmly relates to the product/service you offer, you should get it right away. If none of the best domain names is accessible, then make use of a dash between terms and also try out adding extra words to the website (e.g., like “the” or perhaps “buy”) to get as near to the highest-searched about term you possibly can. You also can try rearranging the words included.

By now, you must have 10 domain names for your website to pick from, and you should be quite positive that they are strongly-related to your product or service, consist of highly-searched keyphrases, and are concisely describing the products/services that you offer. If you are still confused which one to pick, then constantly go for the one that contains the keywords that attracts the highest demands first.

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