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How Effective Is Engagement Rate Twitter as a Marketing Tool?

Published July 12, 2017 in Business - 0 Comments

Dashboard for your tweet activity is a tool that lets you know more about your Tweets. It measures the engagement rate Twitter on how well your Tweets were received by your audience. Know more to make optimum use of this amazing marketing tool.

Tracking Tweet  Dashboard

Engagement Rate Twitter is measured as (Favorites + ReTweets + Replies) ➗ Number of Total Followers.

In the current socially active scenario, the lifespan of a Tweet is very short. To be able to be actually considered measurable, as per Followerwonk, a person needs to Tweet minimum nine times a day. The statistics for that is increasing as well because of the evolving Tweet community.

Relevant Engagement Rate Twitter

As per Social Bakers, several brands were ranked on the basis of their Tweet activity. The top most 25 had .07% (0.0007) per Tweet. That is the ideal percentage to be achieved per Tweet. The aim should be reachability, even if a direct interaction is impossible!

For example, a Tweet got six favorites, 3 RTs, nine replies, and the writer has 1000 followers, his Engagement Rate Twitter would be calculated as = (6+3+9) ➗ 1000 = 18 ➗ 1000 = 0.018 or 1.8%. This is a good percentage even among high-profile brands!

Use of the Activity Dashboard

The Twitter account Tweet Dashboard lets a user:

  •    Check for the Tweet engagement in real time.
  •    Compare the activity of the Tweets against the number of followers to check for its trend status.
  •    Information like RTs, replies, follows, likes, and the number of clicks can be seen by clicking on the Tweet.
  •    You can even get a detailed data about the followers especially the ones that engage with the Tweet.
  •    The engagement rate Twitter can be downloaded.

Increasing the Tweet Metrics

Measuring the Tweet engagement is very important to be the best inbound marketers. It allows the marketer to capture the existing audience and engage them for longer.

There are a few ways through which it can be done.

The first method is to follow the Twitter account followers. After finding out relevant details about the followers through Hootsuite, the marketer can follow the ones they find compatible with their brand and its promotions.

Instead of sending Direct Messages to the new followers, Tweet public thanks for their support by hashtagging them in the Tweet. This brings them in focus and is a simple yet effective way of being highlighted before their followers!

Using BuzzSumo and keywording the relevant industry, one can find out the top trendsetters and influencers. Following them helps you being aware of the latest in the industry.

Other ways to enhance your engagement rate Twitter are to compile a list of people tweeting about the trade, describe yourself in few relevant keywords, go through Twitter recommendations, use pictures to highlight your posts, and reply quickly.

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