It is believed that social networks give businesses and individuals the opportunity to build brands. Businesses have loyalists some of these loyalists become influencers of future purchases. These can be individuals (or businesses) are key for influencer marketing strategy of any company. Read on for key strategies.

Traditionally the primary push of transactions used to come from word of mouth. Usually attributed to a friend or acquaintance customers can trust.

Key strategies under influencer marketing strategy are:

  1. Follow content experts: The best content marketers such as Will Robins teach exactly how to keep your audience engaged with providing useful insights and information on easily applicable strategies.

    Content writers create search engine optimized content with targeted reach and concentrated effort. They create useful content and are vocal about their opinions and present information that is rich and new.
  2. Thought leaders:It is due to thought leaders that the concepts of promoters and detractors come into play. The NPS or the net promoter score is used as a measure to find out if the influence being generated around your business is positive or negative.

    NPS scores can be used for your business as whole or smaller elements of your business such as the marketing campaigns, new product releases, and even social media coverage.

    Each can be ranked and assessed based on clear questions posted to the end users and customized influencer marketing strategies can be devised.
  3. Hashtags: To understand How to get more conversion from your marketing efforts, one of the most popular ways today is going social. Thanks to Twitter Hashtags have become commonplace when it comes to creating a following.

    It has become easier than ever to track influencers, especially with the ones with a moderate following have shown to be more influential that major advocates of a brand.
  4. Watch out for new social media websites: Sites and applications like SnapChat and Pinterest have become the latest entrants in the pool of influencers and should be watched out for.

    Technology and mobile media have taken over the traditional promotional channels. Continuing to harness just one channel is a death nail to most campaigns.
  5. Create content which is assisting the influencers: Influencers need help in promoting your products, so instead of directly putting pressure on them it is always better to augment your product with the core values that an influencer has.

    A good example is Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone promoting the Nike, “Da Da Ding” campaign for the Indian market. She promotes the brand on the backing of her athletic roots.

Various sites provide information regarding influencers depending upon genres and product categories.

The reason for having an influencer marketing strategy to promote a brand is that information is being circulated randomly across media but not being channelized. With the advent of social media and the belief of the six degrees of separation, a friend of a friend of a friend can also have the same influence.


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