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Anatomy of the Best Sitemap

Published June 26, 2017 in Business , Content marketing - 0 Comments

The sitemap is a helpful guide used in producing easier navigation for a website. It contains all the elements of the web site. This includes all the incorporated links directing to the site’s major components and subsections.

A website’s sitemap is useful and important. It can make it easier for people to visit and get around the website. This simple navigational help ensures that the visitors stay on track as to where they are currently, and also as a directory to help them look for that information or webpage they really wanted to see. Visitors who instantly find the data that they require within a website generally results to a higher possibility of them coming back for another visit.

Numerous website managers, designers, as well as webmasters don’t fully take advantage of having a great sitemap. For most of these people, merely supplying a list of links that do not truly give laudable service to people visiting the site is sufficient. In their minds, as long as the search engine spiders find all their web pages, they feel contented. However, wouldn’t it be much better if you can style a sitemap web page that is not just act as a big assistance to your visitors but increases the overall worth of your website at the same time?

The actual characteristic of a great sitemap is that every link comes with an accompanying explanation about the focus of the website and the information covered on the page. This can help visitors that pays your website a visit and can be a feature they would eventually depend on to easily navigate through your webpages.

Let’s take a look at two good examples:

Example One

  • Link with absolutely no description
  • Rock and roll music

Example Two

  • Link to description
  • Rock and roll music. A brief history of UK rock songs, including The Beatles, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, U2, and Duran Duran—the very best British groups and rock and roll acts ever. Trace exactly how rock songs in Britain have developed.

There is a particular difference if you try to observe the two examples. Actually, from a mere look at the 2 examples, it’s too obvious that the latter example is much more effective in providing adequate information to its site visitors. Website visitors may appreciate the type of listing highlighted in sample two. This is because many people prefer such listing design since it is easier to get around. No one wants to visit a web site and see the sitemap presented much like the first sample because there is a serious lack of information.

Additionally, there is an added bonus to making a detailed sitemap: It helps raise your search engine results page position.

By building your own sitemap in such a way that you simply put all the hyperlinks to associated pages, you are essentially making a well-designed sitemap page. Let’s say that you have 7 web pages that all connect with British rock and roll music. Putting it all up, you will make an English rock songs theme page. This kind of web page will have the actual element the search engines consider important for a higher ranking web site: text rich in keywords.

It’s smart to make a great sitemap. Being aware and exerting efforts to create one will provide great benefits for your website in the long run.

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