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All That’s There To Know About Online Influencer Marketing

Published July 5, 2017 in Business - 0 Comments

Online Influencer Marketing is the latest buzzword in the realm of Social Media Marketing. Companies favor this approach over traditional marketing medium, as this tends to lend higher credibility of the product to the end user. It is kind of testimonial advertising where individuals with high social reach are used to influence potential buyers. The marketing activities are then placed around these influencers.

What is Online Influencer Marketing?

It is an indirect form of marketing to sway the target buyers using a popular and a reputed person to promote a product or a service. Companies have been using the medium of Online Influencer Marketing to enhance product credibility based on endorsements from a reputed source.

How does it work?

Given that influencer marketing is a buzzword these days many companies are using this media to reach the target audience. The companies follow a step-by-step approach to achieving high returns on investment.

  • Identifying the influencer: Companies identify high-impact and well-connected key individuals such as bloggers, celebrities, and activists. The aim is to find a person with millions of followers of their public channels and blogs.

  • Creating company’s awareness: The firm creates an organic relationship with the influencer bringing them an awareness of the company’s products, services, values, etc.

  • Endorsing through the Influencers: Based on the given brief, these individuals now promote the use of the company’s products on their social platforms and blogs, thereby bringing larger awareness.

How is this form of Social Media Marketing helpful?

This is one of the best inbound marketing technique is beneficial bringing:

  • Increased Credibility: A well-known person supporting the company and its products certainly lend credibility. Compared to other forms of marketing and promotional activities, this approach brings a higher level of trust and reliability.

  • Increased Visibility: A celebrity with millions of followers brings more visibility and awareness to the product. People are curious to know what their favorite icon is using or doing. It is likely to generate higher inbound marketing for the company.

It is not all rosy!!

While using an online influencer is effective, a high follower base does not necessarily translate into increased sales for the company. A mismatch between company’s expectations and influencers understanding can impact the brand negatively.

On the other hand, an unenthusiastic response from the followers may result in low returns on high cost, as it is usually a paid testimony.

Maximizing benefits using Online Influencer Marketing

For maximizing the benefits of this form of advertising, understand and identify patrons who admire your product and encourage them to become your brand ambassadors.

Make your influencers a part of your movement where they are endorsing the how and why they are using the product as well as where is it being used and who else is using this product. Retain an influencer to maximize your products awareness amongst the users.

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