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Blog Writing Service – Key to Your Content Marketing Success

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In today’s web-world where several marketing gimmicks often fail to capture the fleeting attention of customers, the content still rules the roost. Professional blog writing service helps you create relevant content for your website which can be effectively used as a central hub for all your social media platforms used to connect with your customers.

There is no gainsaying the fact that writing blogs are an integral part of your business’s content marketing strategy. It is supposedly the best way to build rapport with your customers or target audience and consolidate your brand’s position as a stalwart in the industry. If you are hard pressed for time to research and write your own blogs on a regular basis, or you do not have a professional team of writers to do that for you, it is imperative that you start looking for a professional blog writing service, where expert writers create content tailor-made for your business requirement.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that aims at producing unique and relevant content for a targeted audience in an attempt to engage with them to drive them to take actions profitable for your business.

This is an important part of inbound marketing where you attract your customers to your business using quality content encouraging them to do things that add value to your business.

Why Do You Need Professional Blog Writing Service?

The Internet abounds in content. But do all of them work effectively to hold the audience’s attention? We all know it does not. The key here is to write ‘effective’ and ‘relevant’ content. And this is precisely where the need for professional blog writing service arises.

It is obvious that producing quality content for your blogs is more than just writing anything that comes to the mind. It is a science of understanding your target audience inside out and writing in accordance with their preferences. And a quality blog writing service does just that for you.

How To Choose The Right Blog Writing Service For Your Business

Choosing the best blog writing service is a key decision that affects your business in several ways. While the task of choosing an appropriate one from a crowded marketplace might seem a daunting task, the effort you invest is worth it.

The best way to find out if a blog writing service suits your business needs is to ask for sample article on a topic relevant to your business. This way you can understand whether they have the required expertise to write for the topics related to your business.

Moreover, you should not compromise on the quality of your blogs by getting tempted to cheap blog writing services. This may do your business more harm than good. Thus it is important to weigh your options judiciously before you choose an appropriate blog writing service for your business.

How To Promote Your Business Through Social Media

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Create an online frenzy by learning how to promote your business through social media!

Are you the entrepreneur of a brilliant business? Has it remained underrated because of poor advertisements? It is time to bring your business out from the little, dingy alley that it stands on into lives of citizens all over the world! Stop wondering! We let you into the secrets of how to promote your business through social media.

The power of social media

The social media has superpowers that cannot be fathomed. The world is available to the world at the mere click of a button. You need to tug at this very string and use it to your advantage. Your business can shine brightly in the competitive market if you use the whetstone of social media wisely.

How to promote your business through Social Media?

There are several tricks of the trade. Starting with basics, the most important rule to follow is to bring your business into the presence of the social media. This starts by building a website, a content page, blog, etc. Having done that; we divulge to you all the secrets there are to getting the maximum profits for your business online:

  1.    Better Visuals, better business: Make your content page attractive and engaging.
  2.    Share your content on the right platform.
  3.    Share your business content when the time is right.
  4.    Expand and include online partners and brand advocates in your venture.
  5.    Pay and get paid more: Promote your content by investing in online advertising.

These are only a few, yet effective methods of powerful content marketing. With these basics in hand, let us proceed to some queries that may be running around in your head.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategic form of online marketing. This includes creating relevant, attractive and audience specific content to release on suitable online platforms. The viewership of your content and its popularity can ultimately win you prized customers!

Use the Internet Wisely

This is the world of followers, tweets, and hash tags! A strong social media presence will build you a stronger business.

The World Can Become your Market Place

Use the best content marketers wisely and use them well. Learn the newfound tricks of the newfound World Wide Web and the globe will become your marketplace. Once you learn the subtle trades of how to promote your business through social media, your popularity will increase manifolds

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How to Choose a Website Name

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Choosing an excellent domain name for your business internet site can be very tough, but it is nonetheless essential in order to set things right for your online expansion. After all, you need it to work effectively in order to achieve your goals. In this article, my partner and I will explore the various aspects that you need to be considering, every time you try to decide on the ideal domain name. We will furthermore take you through the particular steps we employ when choosing a great domain name for our own internet sites.

Overall, what we are trying to attain is to get an internet domain name which adequately identifies our product or service, will be broad enough to allow for growth for our product or service, is easy enough for someone to recall, and contains vital keywords/phrases. From a web marketing point of view, there are also concerns of business and merchandise branding that could be brought in directly to form part of these standards. From an SEO point of view, it may be safer to use an old or proven domain name which has been registered for a long time and also already known by the search engines as they tend to be graded higher by Google and other search engines.

In this article, my partner and I shall talk about choosing the best and freshest domain name you could without contemplating your individual marketing and advertising or manufacturer requirements.

To accomplish the following steps, I like to use a couple of web browser windows and a worksheet program. It is usually necessary that you sign-up and log on to certain internet sites, and these are typically well-known and also respectable internet sites, so you can generally lay your trust on them.

Step one: Open the Overture Site, go to the Inventory, and find the keyword volume checker. Type in your merchandise name or the service that you offer and click on submit. Copy the final results on your spreadsheet.

Step two: Load WordTracker within your browser, and, using the trial offer account or a regular account, log in. Now, using the wizard, type in the product or service you entered in the earlier step. Run the wizard, and again, copy the results into a fresh space inside the spreadsheet.

Step three: Load up Google AdWords in your web browser. Navigate to tools->keyword. Type in the keywords used in the two steps earlier. Ensure that all word and phrase synonyms are checked. Copy all terms and your selected keywords and phrases, and click further to see the estimated search site visitors. Copy all final results into a fresh space on the spreadsheet.

Step four: Using the worksheet, we should have gotten three filled pages. What we are looking to carry out in this stage is to omit all information that are irrelevant or inconsequential by getting rid of them from your spreadsheet.

Step five: Sort these lists by search volume. Working from top to bottom, showcasing and copying to an available space inside the spreadsheet, you will find the most-searched about and appropriate phrases that you should base your domain name around. Repeat step five to get the top 10-15 terms and keywords and phrases.

Step six: Recognize your marketplace. Are your consumers searching for your product or service only around their neighbourhood, or perhaps they do accept international vendors as well? Having identified your audience, you can make use of this information to come up with your website extension (, .net, and so forth) in the next stage.

Step seven: Applying the completed list from step 5, you might already have found a market with minimal competition. What you want to do next is to remove all the spaces between your keywords and put them into your favorite domain name search tool. Check them and see if you are lucky enough to discover which ones of them are available for you to sign up for. If the highest-searched term is still obtainable, and it firmly relates to the product/service you offer, you should get it right away. If none of the best domain names is accessible, then make use of a dash between terms and also try out adding extra words to the website (e.g., like “the” or perhaps “buy”) to get as near to the highest-searched about term you possibly can. You also can try rearranging the words included.

By now, you must have 10 domain names for your website to pick from, and you should be quite positive that they are strongly-related to your product or service, consist of highly-searched keyphrases, and are concisely describing the products/services that you offer. If you are still confused which one to pick, then constantly go for the one that contains the keywords that attracts the highest demands first.

Anatomy of the Best Sitemap

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The sitemap is a helpful guide used in producing easier navigation for a website. It contains all the elements of the web site. This includes all the incorporated links directing to the site’s major components and subsections.

A website’s sitemap is useful and important. It can make it easier for people to visit and get around the website. This simple navigational help ensures that the visitors stay on track as to where they are currently, and also as a directory to help them look for that information or webpage they really wanted to see. Visitors who instantly find the data that they require within a website generally results to a higher possibility of them coming back for another visit.

Numerous website managers, designers, as well as webmasters don’t fully take advantage of having a great sitemap. For most of these people, merely supplying a list of links that do not truly give laudable service to people visiting the site is sufficient. In their minds, as long as the search engine spiders find all their web pages, they feel contented. However, wouldn’t it be much better if you can style a sitemap web page that is not just act as a big assistance to your visitors but increases the overall worth of your website at the same time?

The actual characteristic of a great sitemap is that every link comes with an accompanying explanation about the focus of the website and the information covered on the page. This can help visitors that pays your website a visit and can be a feature they would eventually depend on to easily navigate through your webpages.

Let’s take a look at two good examples:

Example One

  • Link with absolutely no description
  • Rock and roll music

Example Two

  • Link to description
  • Rock and roll music. A brief history of UK rock songs, including The Beatles, David Bowie, Rolling Stones, U2, and Duran Duran—the very best British groups and rock and roll acts ever. Trace exactly how rock songs in Britain have developed.

There is a particular difference if you try to observe the two examples. Actually, from a mere look at the 2 examples, it’s too obvious that the latter example is much more effective in providing adequate information to its site visitors. Website visitors may appreciate the type of listing highlighted in sample two. This is because many people prefer such listing design since it is easier to get around. No one wants to visit a web site and see the sitemap presented much like the first sample because there is a serious lack of information.

Additionally, there is an added bonus to making a detailed sitemap: It helps raise your search engine results page position.

By building your own sitemap in such a way that you simply put all the hyperlinks to associated pages, you are essentially making a well-designed sitemap page. Let’s say that you have 7 web pages that all connect with British rock and roll music. Putting it all up, you will make an English rock songs theme page. This kind of web page will have the actual element the search engines consider important for a higher ranking web site: text rich in keywords.

It’s smart to make a great sitemap. Being aware and exerting efforts to create one will provide great benefits for your website in the long run.

5 Actions & Tips for Making Income-Generating Websites

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We’re going to be checking out the process of developing a website and the way to make money with it. We will take you through the actual steps of selecting a domain name, a good web host, creating your pages along with the best website themes, adding content material, and, finally, generating income online with Google AdSense and various affiliate marketing systems.

STEP 1: Select Your Domain Name

To start the creation of your site, you will need to think of a domain name (i.e., website address). Attempt to get one that incorporated your chosen keywords—the topic which your business or website is focused on. This will make it simpler to remember as well as give it the benefit of being displayed on search engines like Google. There are basically a plethora of domain extension you can choose one from such as “.org,” “.co,” “.uk,” “.co,” “.nz,” “.net,” “.biz,” and “.tv.” In fact, a brand new domain expansion has been recently become available—the “.ws” (WorldSite or also known as WebSite). Consider the abovementioned domain name extensions and pick one that fits your need instead of focusing on a “.com” web address.

Top 5 Suggestions:

* Ensure your web address remains memorable.

* Select an original, unique domain name that displays exactly what your niche is about.

* Use keywords within the domain, so your site and business will be noticed by both the search engines as well as real visitors.

* Determine what site extension to make use of (.com, .ws and so on.) To do that, first decide on which type of exposure you’re focusing on. If your focus is on the local market, then a nation-targeted extension should be your choice. Otherwise, stick with .com, .net, or .org.

* Purchase multiple domain names, if necessary, and keep the additional domains that you’re not developing right now. You’ll never know how these additional domains will come in handy in the future.

Step two: Set Up Your Website Hosting, together with Domain Email Accounts

After you have your website name, you can register with a web hosting account server. There are many web hosting account offers on the internet today. Search around to find what’s ideal for your website. It may sometimes be better to get a web hosting provider/company that’s based within your country. You might also want to check out web hosting deals for “reseller’s accounts,” with which you can secure hosting services that can be used to host unlimited domain names and, at the same time, sell the excess web spaces, too!

5 Best Tips:

– Use Google and other search engines to discover reputable hosting companies. Make a shortlist of these companies.

– Select the hosting provider that operates in your nation.

– Examine details on the storage space (file size storage and limits) allocation, email accounts, directories, etc that are offered in each packages the hosting providers are offering.

– Login and test run the demo hosting accounts (if available) to see if it has a simple and user-friendly control panel.

– Consider the need for you to sign up for a commercial or reseller account.

STEP 3: Start Designing Your Website on Your Own with Web Templates or a Professionally-Made Theme

If you have the ability and skills, you can create your website yourself. Just be sure that you understand HTML or have a website design software that you can utilize. Otherwise, you can choose to hire a site designer to produce your website theme, structure, and layout. Should you design your site yourself, there is a selection of software accessible that is free (shareware), although we recommend purchasing Macromedia Studio Eight as an expert web design bundle.

You can generally cut corners in this step by using site web templates–pre-designed websites that have routing and color schemes already created and are, therefore, ready for installation. These may save you great amounts of time and money. They will also allow you to make your own website in a simple and enjoyable manner. Don’t worry; there are endless number of templates that are totally free and can easily be found on the internet.

5 Best Tips:

– Create the web site yourself or hire a professional website designer to do it for you.

– Come up with a suitable template that matches your site’s niche if you’re creating your own web theme.

– Surf the web to get suggestions and study other website designs.

– Make use of free or even professional web templates (often paid).

– Look for free design software and resources.

STEP 4: Fill Your Site with Content and Begin Making Money with Google AdSense

AdSense is a cool method to earn money on the internet and add color to your website. Search engines make it easy for website designers to show relevant search engines ads on their own site. Since the ads suit your keywords and the contents on your website, your potential customers are more likely to be interested in the hyperlinks that are shown to them by Adsense. Even better, you’ll also profit from the hyperlinks they click. It works as simple as that. You may also make extra cash by leading reader to sign up for offers supplied by the various affiliate network. These networks usually pay per action (CPA networks), and you make money every time your traffic perform a certain action, such as signing up for a trial or answering a survey, via your link.

Top 5 Suggestions:

-Make the most out of your text advertisements.

– Blend hyperlink colors to fit your site’s color scheme and format.

– Place the search engines ads within your written content.

– Have hyperlinks set up for referral signups.

– Place advertisements on all of your website pages.

Step Five: Get More Money with Affiliate Marketing Programs

You can also join affiliate marketing programs to make money on the internet. You simply need to acquire the links needed to easily display products and services on your website. When a visitor decides to buy something through your hyperlink, you will get some great affiliate commissions on the product sales. You can also earn just from the number of clicks you get on your affiliate links.

Top 5 Suggestions:

-Register for a few reputable affiliate programs.

-Create your personal affiliate marketing campaign for the products you’ve chosen to sell.

-Display ads alongside your Google AdSense ads.

-Build more websites that target on different niches within the same market and link them together. This will improve the traffics of all your websites.

-Make use of your mailing lists to market your affiliate products.

Stay tuned for the following part where we’ll look at different marketing strategies for the website you’ve just built.

Content Marketing For Dummies

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Rank Your Website – WHY Content Marketing for Dummies

First let me express that I do not think any of us are truly dumb. We may be uneducated. Just because we do not understand the words that people are using doesn’t mean any of us are dummies.

Content Marketing the Term

The fact remains that most of the people that would or have benefited from content marketing rarely know what it means. They know all the usual sayings like “Content is King.” They also read some of the information thrown around by many of the SEO gurus and their colleagues and competition.

I feel like in order to appreciate Content Marketing and everything that it can do for your business you need the simple knowledge of exactly what it is and the results it can bring. More than that is that you have to understand Why it brings those results, Why the results will never be penalized, Why you can and should do it, and Why the day to day process can be included as a ritual in your business.

Content Marketing – What It Is

When you are hearing the term of Content Marketing then you realize that to some form you are marketing content. That one I will give us all for figuring out. It is called Content Marketing because you actually take pieces of content and contact various places that you can submit the content in order to actually gain the post on their site.

This already sound like a lot of work?

Content Marketing – What it does

The difference of content marketing to what you normally think of when you think in terms of marketing as a small business owner, freelancer, or solopreneur is the difference in inbound and outbound.

Outbound Marketing – Cold Calling, Email Blast, and Door to Door

When you are making outbound marketing calls then you are doing a form of marketing. This is an aggressive style of marketing and comes with results for sure. Email blast, where you buy a list or rent a list and email out to customers is another form of this outbound marketing.

Inbound Marketing – Content Marketing, Nurture Campaigns, Recycle Campaigns

I remember when I first heard some of the “campaigns” talk at a seminar. I wanted nothing to do with it. I come from a telemarketing background and I know that if you give me a few weeks and a phone I will have some sales.

The reality is that the inbound campaigns are really extremely wonderful for long term customers.

When you are taking the information that a customer wants and leaving a breadcrumb trail of information for them to follow then they start to really embrace your brand. They trust you as the source of the information that they are consuming. This early adoption is key for many lasting brands and can be for yours as well.

Buyers Personas – Content Marketing Demystified

Now think of your various customer and where they started in the process of understanding the problem that your brand solves.

The reality is that each customer started from a similar place. They found the problem that they have.

For example let’s introduce Dorothy. Now Dorothy has a closet full of red shoes and right next to that closet is her bathroom. The shower seems to be filling up and not draining when she takes a shower. Her toilets are not flushing on the first time often.

Now all of us are thinking back through our last experience with a plumber.

Buyers Persona – The Problem Fix

How did we know a plumber is the fix? A plumber is the person that works on pipes and sewers for most our houses. There are those of us that are DIY by nature and would knock this out ourselves.

Realize that the distinguishing difference here is that Dorothy hasn’t become frustrated enough with her problem to do anything about it. She may however search for easy fixes and find that she should buy some Drain O to first try and solve the problem easily for herself.

This is when our prospects identify themselves. We want to rank for that search term because it has the most searches. This however is the beginning of the buying process.

The Pivotal Moment – Start Here

This buying process will continue on until finally Dorothy’s red shoes are soaked one morning after a longer than usual shower. Then she is going to call a plumber. She may google and whoever shows up first will get the business. She may shop around and call a few for a quote.

That is until she finds out the new house she bought a couple of years ago has a septic system and now she has a whole new set of problems. Problems she knows nothing about. Now she is back to reading online about homeowners with septic systems and maintenance that she will need to perform.

As you think through the buying process like this you can identify content pieces that would fit each moment in the prospects buying cycle.

This is the buyer’s persona for one potential client. You should do this for each variation of your customers.

Now each step becomes another piece of content.

Content Marketing for Your Business

Each step of this life cycle or buying process will have distinguished keywords. They are distinguished because only people in that stage will be looking at those keywords. There will also be keywords that may fit every one of the moments in the buying cycle.

When thinking through the next piece of content you will need, you simply need to look through the keywords you want to own that you do not have content for and are closest to the pivotal purchase moment in that cycle of the buying process.

You build out content and as you build each piece you write like you are talking to “Dorothy” in your future customers shoes. Walk them through exactly where they are at and exactly what they should do.

The Build-Out Process – Hard Labor Ahead

The content build out process doesn’t have to be as intensive as it seems from the top view. Take a few hours and build out your buyer’s process cycles on a white board. Sit down in front of this and make notes of each of the moments starting at the pivotal point working out to the moment they figured out they had the problem.

Start With the Pivotal Moment

That pivotal moment when they are reaching for the phone and going to find someone to solve this problem and solve it today. Those are the easy customers to get. They want a price and are making a decision. You do find some shoppers here as well but not near as many as other portions of the cycle.

Take the keywords that someone in this position would type into google and do it.

Keyword Research with Ease

Copy all the variations that pop up in google for these words. Also look at what type of content pops up for each keyword and make a note of it. Sometimes they will be all top # list post and others will be detailed headline catching post. Others will have the dreaded “Definitive Guides” in them.

Now take out the google keyword tool or Longtail Pro and find all the long tail versions of these keywords you can. Sort them by title first.

Group all the keywords into groupings that make sense with one another. Feel free to copy one into more than one grouping.

Now You Have Your Targets

Let’s take a moment and realize that now you have your target groupings for keywords. This is a big accomplishment and I know it took you all day on a Saturday like it did me the first time.

Now you want to make your content but make it is in the smartest way possible.

Create a Big Piece of Content

When you begin this may seem difficult. There are a lot of theories to go into here and I will save you the brain numbing debates that are out there. Here are a few things to make sure you have a note of as you are building this piece of content.

Competitiveness tells you the size needed

You can look at how competitive a keyword is in order to understand exactly how in depth your piece of content has to be. If you are trying to own the keyword “Online Shopping” then get ready to absolutely have to create an encyclopedia a few times over.

Most keywords need a 30 page guide or less. Many times you can get by with a cheat sheet (25 things you have to know in order to X) style of content.

Headlines, Sub Headlines, Design

The headline of your content and sub headlines are absolutely critical to in your content making. This where I start. I make the headline for a few pieces that are in my keyword groupings. This normally gets the creative juices flowing.

The design is critical as well. Make sure your information looks and feels like a wonderful piece of content that is written by an expert for the person reading it.

Realize that you first read anything solely based on the design and headlines. You then scan through the sub headlines and this tells you whether or not you are going to read the fill.

Brainstorming Made Easy

When you are in front of a blank screen it is often the hardest thing in the word to start those first words. Here is some helpful starting places. Make the headline first. Come up with a catchy headline and then google it and read. This content will get your brain working on your piece and get your creative side rolling.

Once you start it is easy to finish? Sometimes it is harder to write an entire 10k word epic eBook because of the starts and stops. Do the same thing as you did with the headlines.

Make each title for every section then make the sub headlines. Then you can come back and write in the supporting sentences and have perfect structure every time.

Work Is Not Done Yet – But Your Close

Now you have your huge Guide ready for service. The next pivotal point for you is to make sure it ranks, right?

You can skip the discussions about whether to hide it behind a form or not and just hide some and make some available. Easiest that way. I always make three to four nice pieces of content and hide them behind a form when I start a business. Then I make a strategy guide and don’t hide it.

Take Out a New Hat – Amplify and Promote

Now you take each of the sub headlines and create a blog post surround the target keywords. You can just go over the information you detailed out for the sub headline for each post. Your normal 30 page guide can give you 30 really good blog post. 16-20 very easy for sure using this method.

These small critical slices will introduce one of the topics inside the guide and explain that one portion and then reference the guide for the complete information.

You Are Creating Your Breadcrumb Trail

You are now starting to see the breadcrumb trail start to happen. Now when you attack your next guide then you will reference the guide you just wrote leading your customers from one stage to the next in your buying process.

Did Someone Say Rankings?

I left off a very critical point about these blog post. You have these slices to post on your site. You also want to take some of them and pitch to people in your industry as well as writers and journalist.

Think about it. You have a complete guide to show them, you have a blog post to reference back to as the link, and you have the outline of content you are looking to publish and submit ready for you.

Time to Stalk Some Authority Writers

Every time I go after writers and journalist I always feel like I am on an episode of National Geographic and someone is talking about how the writers are in their natural habitat as we are watching them.

I will normally start by retweeting a few things that the writer has published on twitter. Then I will look at their linked in and add some of their writings into my buffer to share on all my social media. I make sure and add their hashtags etc… so they see it.

I will then go through and quote or reference their work in my previous blog post. I will then send that quoted piece to them via a social media channel.

As I have read a lot of their information and have identified them as the “victim” of my next pitch, I then set in. For avid Twitter users you can normally time it based off what they are tweeting.

I find their personal website and then submit a contact form. Sometimes I am lucky and find an email. Either way there are a few rules you want to follow.

Rules for Submissions

I normally only submit the Headline and a few sub headlines for my pitch. This ensures that I can enter the appropriate links for the writer that accepts or gives me the opportunity to post for them.

I will send them the head line often like the picture above. In nice picture format. This often grabs a bit more attention. Then I break out the sub headlines below it with the general idea of the piece.

What this process looks like

The Twitter back and forth:

Then hopefully it leads to the email back:

The High You Feel Is Unreal

I love the television shows such as House, Sherlock, and Elementary. I love puzzles. So when I get emails back like that I know I am fixing to prepare an epic piece of content. I am also super excited as I am one step to accomplishing my goal for a huge win in my content marketing campaign.

I am going to grow that relationship and have multiple post from that source if there is anyway possible.

Must Ask Questions:

  1. One thing for sure I am going to do is ask what format the writer wants it in.
  2. Make sure and link to the Writers other articles
  3. Ask if they want you to add the pictures
  4. Let them know you are going to promote the article

Publish Day Is Here – The Giddy Feeling

When that post goes live, man, there is no better feeling in the world! You feel so accomplished seeing your link on such a huge website. You know you can do anything.

The work isn’t over though as you have one final thing to do.

Budget Advertising and Promote Like Crazy

The same way you would do your own site. You want fire up google PPC, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, and add that article in your social media marketing drip campaigns. Email it out to your list of customers to read. Grow the views on that article piece in any and every way possible.

I have spent well into 4 figures promoting a post like this. Obviously you have to have the budget for this type of spend. Hopefully you targeted a great author that will get you a few thousand readers regardless but you want this to become one of his top articles all time.

This will foster a long term relationship where they look forward to the next post from you as they know their viewership will increase every time you are writing something as you are going to promote it.

Now Some Shortcuts and Other Great Tactics

Realize that you guide is another piece of content that you can absolutely gain links to without this process.

  • Use tools like buzzsumo and buzzstream to find sites you can email
  • Email about a particular piece of content and show them your guide asking for a link
  • Submit guest post to these sources
  • Create list to email every time you have a guest post

The possibilities are endless. There are all kind of campaigns you can put together for these various link earning campaigns.

Why We Are Submitting All This Content

Remember when Dorothy was looking up the plumber. When you have authority and relative backlinks to your content then you will rank higher in search engines like Google. When you rank higher then more people find your brand and start their relationship with you online.

The traffic that comes from the links and write ups are a great bonus as well. This traffic can also become future clients as your author and your self have similar relevant subjects.

This is really not new

This is really the old school way of prospecting and what media agencies did to create buzz for years. The difference is the sophistication that all the various tools can help you with now. These contacts are found online now and not in one guys Rolodex. That is the reason you can perform all the task we talked about exactly as we would.

Your Customers Will Love It

Realize that your customers will love the process as well. They will become educated on their own time and on their own terms. As you build on each piece of content you are creating an even bigger marketing funnel for your customers to find and become attracted to you.

This entire process will become second nature to you as it has to me. The exhilaration will make you want to get that next piece published and that next link obtained. It can really become almost like a drug and an article in a major publication is your fix.

Creating Endless Buzz

When you are faced with building a business from scratch many of us know that there are enough challenges on our plate day to day. The stress is enough to make us stay up at night. I wanted to write this for you. You can create an endless buzz of traffic that will lead you into another level of business.

Once you can grow your business in a grass roots style then you can create processes to repeat your customer experience over and over. This process driven business can driven from content marketing, marketing automation, and great processes on fulfillment.

Grow your business and its influence every week by repeating the promotion portion of this process.