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Starting An Online Business: 4 Tips That Will Increase Your Chances Of Success

Published July 12, 2017 in Market Your Business - 0 Comments
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Starting an online business can be quite an exciting thing to do, however some online businesses have been around for years, and you need to compete with them to keep your head above water.

The good news is that if work hard at your online business, you too could be just as successful as Timothy Sykes, or Elon Musk, here’s how:

Design A Good Website

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, who your customers are, or how much you charge, your website needs to be a good-looking regularly updated one that is easy to navigate.

Think about designing the layout of the website yourself, and keep it simple, making sure your products easy to find. An overly complicated website could turn your customers away, and that’s the last thing you want.

If you simply don’t have the skills to design a good website, hire a local firm to do the job for you. Local firms are likely to offer you a good price, and be happy to give you what you want.

Identify Your Competition

Find out who your competition is so that you can offer potential customers something better. You can compete with multinational organizations by offering a personal touch, that gives your customers exactly what they’re looking for.

Many large companies do not offer every single customer exactly what they want, but you can. Identify your competition, try to beat their prices, and offer your customers a little bit more than they can. This will stand you in good stead.

Keep Working Hard

The moment you start your new business is the moment you need to start working hard. If you want to get your online business up and running, you’ll need to work more than 1 evening a week; you may need to work every evening for the next 3 months.

The more work you put into starting your business, and keeping it going, the more likely you are to succeed. Work at getting a good reputation, meet and beat those deadlines, and you’ll soon find you have a good online business to work with.

Know What The Latest Trends Are

Knowing what the latest trends are is crucial, not only to online fashion stores, but to any business. Every single type of business out there will be affected by a range of trends, whether it’s the latest trend in garden design, or something else entirely.

Knowing what is popular right now, means that you can offer all of your customers the latest in search engine optimization techniques, sound effects, or mobile phone apps.

The more you stay on trend and move with the times the more likely customers will stick around.

Use the above tips to help you get your online business off the ground, and achieve success. Design a good website, identify your competition, work hard, and know what the latest trends are, giving your online business the chance to succeed.

Your 12 Month Growth Strategy – The Effective Edition

Published June 14, 2017 in Business , Market Your Business - 0 Comments

While you may be looking for the best go-go gadget phone or that “super CRM email blaster marketing automation tool” that will convert twenty five percent more of your prospects, because we all want the magic pill. We of course are going to provide what you really need, a strong dose of wisdom mixed with some super cool strategies and tactics to get you racing towards a profit.

We are going to go over a high level yet action oriented guide that will make sure your business is super turbo charged for wins during your first year.

*Funny Picture of the “Super CRM Email Blaster Marketing Automation Machine” (I would build a custom picture) saying what all it does on each panel…

Define Success to the Extreme

Defining Success will be one of the most important things you do. You cannot hope and wish without a direct target to aim at. Example –

When you know the target then you have to know the people you plan on marketing to and their core values, beliefs, and buying process.

Define Your Strategy and Values

When you are hustling every day it is easy to lose focus on what matters. Don’t stray from your convictions in the heat of the battle. Define and set accountability processes. – Example Strategy Guide

Marketing, Branding, & Data

Tapping into core market resources, making sure you brand yourself, finding your unique identity in your prospects and customers minds, and then having enough data to crank your marketing to an extreme level.

Process Everything then Process More

One off projects will only get you so far. You are no longer freelancing it. Building a business is a “building” process.

You have to make sure you have the systems, checks & balances, and a process to have the same customer experience every time.

Budget and Budget Accordingly

Spending money is easy. Investing in your business takes a disciplined approach. Understanding your core strengths and weaknesses and realize that you may have to outsource certain portions of your business. There is nothing worse than not having the budget for a golden opportunity when you uncover it.

Habits and Rituals

You are only as good as what you do diligently and consistently. Build out a process that will make the habits and rituals you need for success both fun and exciting while moving you towards your goals.

Keep Your Edge

Although we want to be well thought out and executing like a top investment banker taking over the blue star airline deal (quote from Wall Street the Movie), we still have to stay hungry and sleek enough to take on the daily challenges and turn a profit weekly.

12 Months Broken Down To Steps

This will break down each step you need to take during your twelve months with an overview.

Month 1 (Example)

  • File Appropriate Company Paperwork
  • Choose Website URL
  • Choose Design / Theme
  • Create Content Plan
  • Choose CRM
  • Choose Marketing / Email Platform
  • Define Your Audience
  • Define Your 3 Month, 6 Month, 1 Year Target:
    • # of Clients
    • Amount of Profit
    • Email List Size
    • # Of Guides and # of Submissions Via Content Promotion
  • Set Processes and Work Habits

*Each Month will be broken down into actionable timelines

What is Freshness Factor in Business?

Published June 7, 2017 in Business , Market Your Business - 0 Comments

The “freshness” factor in business is that search engines (Google) prefer “fresh” (newly updated) web pages and content over stale already read content. That is why when you first add content to your site – such as a new blog post – the page might sit high in the rankings for a while. But eventually it may sink to a more realistic ranking.

In this “freshness factor” that allows your pages to get those higher rankings, even if the ranking is temporary. Thus updating your pages frequently can help push them to the top of the rankings. That is one of the primary reasons why you hear people talking about how “Google loves blogs”. Google doesn’t love blogs, Google loves regularly updated sites.

What is a C-class IP and why should I care?

A computer’s IP address is it’s address on the Internet. A C-Class block of IPs are ones which are next to each other. Links from the same IP have very limited value. Links from the same C Class IP block have a little more value but still not much. Links from different C-Class IPs are worth the most.

Not really important as it once was, especially when it comes to sites hosted on huge shared server clusters like those at Host Gator/The Planet, Blue Host and others. The shortage of available IP address is driving this.

What is LSI?

LSI is short for latent semantic indexing. This refers to different words that have the same or similar meanings (or words that are related). For example “housebreaking a dog” and “housetraining a puppy” are two entirely different  phrases, but they mean about the same thing.

The reason this is important is because Google analyzes webpages using LSI to help it return the most relevant results to the user. For example, a page that has the keyword “housebreaking a dog” but NO other similar words (like housetraining, paper training, potty training, puppy, dogs, puppies, etc.) probably really isn’t about housebreaking. End result: Google wont rank it as high as a web page that does include a lot of relevant, related terms.

What does this mean to you? When you create a web page around a keyword, be sure to also include the keyword’s synonyms and other related words.

What is an XML Sitemap?

This is a listing of all the pages on a website, along with important information about those pages (such as when they were last updated, how important they are to the site, etc.) The reason to create a sitemap is so that the search engines can easily find and crawl all your webpages.

This is really only important if you have a large and complex site that won’t be crawled easily. Also avoid automating this on WordPress autoblogs since sitemap generation is a processor hog and can get you kicked off of shared hosting.

What is robots.txt for?

Search engine robots (bots) look at this file to see if they should crawl and index pages on your site, certain file types or even the entire site. An absence of this file gives them the green light to crawl and index your site. If you don’t want search engine bots to crawl your site, then create a robots.txt file in your root directory that includes this bit of code:

Disallow: /

You can also create a Meta tag that keeps the search engines from indexing your site:

Important: Only “well behaved” bots read robots.txt so don’t use it to “protect” content on your site just to keep Google from indexing stuff. Most importantly be aware that malicious bots will look for pages you’re asking not to be indexed and go to them with priority to see why.