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Yellow Pages vs SEO –Which Is Best?

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20 years and longer ago you could not run a business successfully without being in the Yellow Pages. You have to be in the Yellow Pages or you are no one. You are no one if you were not in the Yellow Pages because the Yellow Pages is where everyone searched for companies to do business with. You also have to be in the Yellow Pages because your competitors were in the Yellow Pages. If you were not in the Yellow Pages, then all the potential customers that you would have gotten would do business with your competitors who were in the Yellow Pages.

In today’s world, you have to do search engine optimization because Google is the new Yellow Pages. When ever someone needs to find a business, a product or a service they search Google. You have to use search engine optimization to rank your business and your website on the first page of Google for several keywords if you want to be found when potential customers are looking for the type of products and services that you have. If you cannot be found on the first page when a potential customer searches on Google for your type of industry, services, and products, then you are going to miss out on a ton of money and your competitors are going to make all the money that you could’ve made.

It is now the case, the search engine optimization is far more important than being in the Yellow Pages. No one opens the Yellow Pages to find a business anymore, they go to Google and perform a search. To be found in the Google search you have to use search engine optimization. SEO is not a luxury it is a necessity to compete in today’s business world. If you are doing search engine optimization you are killing your business and you will not last for very long. Your business definitely will not grow. Hopefully, you are the type of person who runs a business with the intention of making it all that it can be. If you are not doing search engine optimization, then you are not allowing your business to grow into what all it could be. You are choosing to leave money on the table for your competitors to grab up.

SEO is an investment in your company. We like to frame it as creating a web asset that will funnel customers to your business day after day. As an investment, you want to do SEO the right way. The right way to do search engine optimization is to focus on the things that Google is looking for when they decide that a company is worth putting on the front page. What this means is that you need quality content, unique quality multimedia on your website, you need quality links to your site, you need to dominate social media and you cannot cut corners. Your website as an asset must become the type of place that is an authority on your industry. This means that your site becomes the place where people began to associate your industry with you.

So, you should be able to see by now that search engine optimization is something that you have to do. You should be able to see by now that it is something that you cannot avoid doing if you want your business to grow. You should be able to see by now that your competitors are doing this wonderful thing and they are taking customers away from you.

If you want to get in the game, compete, gain new customers and create a strong brand for yourself, you must utilize search engine optimization.

Best Ways to Implement Influencer Marketing Strategies for your Business

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It is believed that social networks give businesses and individuals the opportunity to build brands. Businesses have loyalists some of these loyalists become influencers of future purchases. These can be individuals (or businesses) are key for influencer marketing strategy of any company. Read on for key strategies.

Traditionally the primary push of transactions used to come from word of mouth. Usually attributed to a friend or acquaintance customers can trust.

Key strategies under influencer marketing strategy are:

  1. Follow content experts: The best content marketers such as Will Robins teach exactly how to keep your audience engaged with providing useful insights and information on easily applicable strategies.

    Content writers create search engine optimized content with targeted reach and concentrated effort. They create useful content and are vocal about their opinions and present information that is rich and new.
  2. Thought leaders:It is due to thought leaders that the concepts of promoters and detractors come into play. The NPS or the net promoter score is used as a measure to find out if the influence being generated around your business is positive or negative.

    NPS scores can be used for your business as whole or smaller elements of your business such as the marketing campaigns, new product releases, and even social media coverage.

    Each can be ranked and assessed based on clear questions posted to the end users and customized influencer marketing strategies can be devised.
  3. Hashtags: To understand How to get more conversion from your marketing efforts, one of the most popular ways today is going social. Thanks to Twitter Hashtags have become commonplace when it comes to creating a following.

    It has become easier than ever to track influencers, especially with the ones with a moderate following have shown to be more influential that major advocates of a brand.
  4. Watch out for new social media websites: Sites and applications like SnapChat and Pinterest have become the latest entrants in the pool of influencers and should be watched out for.

    Technology and mobile media have taken over the traditional promotional channels. Continuing to harness just one channel is a death nail to most campaigns.
  5. Create content which is assisting the influencers: Influencers need help in promoting your products, so instead of directly putting pressure on them it is always better to augment your product with the core values that an influencer has.

    A good example is Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone promoting the Nike, “Da Da Ding” campaign for the Indian market. She promotes the brand on the backing of her athletic roots.

Various sites provide information regarding influencers depending upon genres and product categories.

The reason for having an influencer marketing strategy to promote a brand is that information is being circulated randomly across media but not being channelized. With the advent of social media and the belief of the six degrees of separation, a friend of a friend of a friend can also have the same influence.

Effectively Managing Remote Work Teams

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Remote worker

As the concept of remote workers becomes more mainstream, even massive companies like Amazon are moving more toward increasing the ranks of their remote teams. There are inherent advantages to having remote employees, including lower overhead costs, but also the ability to easily do business across geographic boundaries and to have access to a larger and more skilled pool of talent.

So what about managing those remote employees? How is it best done in 2017?

Expense Management

Along with the logistical concerns of day-to-day management, which will be detailed below, it’s important to think about expense management best practices for remote teams. Your remote employees need to be able to cover the cost of doing business, but it can be even more difficult to put a streamlined policy in place when you have a large remote workforce.

A few things to keep in mind include choosing effective expense management software that can be accessed from worker’s mobile devices and also limiting the number of company credit cards you issue.

You want all employees including your remote workers to have a simple way to submit receipts, and using a strong expense management platform gives you centralized visibility to what’s happening all over the world.

When you have a central expense management system, it’s easier to reimburse all employees more quickly, no matter where they’re located, and it cuts down on a lot of frustration and red tape that can frequently accompany the management of expenses.

Make Remote Employees A Priority

It can be difficult to make remote employees feel included and like they’re part of your culture, particularly if they’re in different countries, or you have a main headquarters where many of your employees are located.

It’s up to you as a company leader to make an effort to include and prioritize all employees, including the ones working remotely. As part of your employee training include remote work information to everyone, as a way to help them understand that these off-site employees are an integral part of your business.

You should also make sure you’re investing in the tools and technology to communicate quickly and easily with remote employees, and also have face time with them when needed.

When you’re sharing instructions or information, use visual elements including not only video calls but also screen shots and other images that will illustrate what you’re trying to convey.

Offer Perks

At most corporations, employees are offered regular free perks, and it goes a long way toward improving their satisfaction and making them feel appreciated. Try to recreate this for your remote employees. As an example, if you regularly bring lunch in for employees at your office, reimburse your remote employees for an occasional lunch they can treat themselves to.

Another way to encourage remote employees is to share their successes with the rest of your team via company-wide messaging. Recognition is important to keep all employees motivated.

As a final note, with the management of remote employees, it’s important to judge their performance based on the outcomes instead of how they’re getting to that outcome. When you try to micromanage remote employees it becomes burdensome for everyone involved, so the fewer checkpoints between an employee and the finished outcome, the better in most cases.  

How To Do Social Media Marketing

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Promoting your brand through networking platform is an effective marketing strategy. But without understanding the basic principles of how to do social media marketing, all the planning will not yield desired results. Read on to know more!

Social Marketing

How to do social media marketing is not rocket science. But without understanding the fundamentals, the business plans won’t be effective.

Offering powerful content through the networking forum can create website engagements, but it won’t be as fruitful as it can be if the data and its results are not properly utilized.

Fundamental of Networking Advertising

To capitalize on augmenting quality and increasing entry points on the net, it is imperative that businesses understand the importance of inbound marketing.

What is inbound marketing but ways to create avenues that serve the customer, the brand, and the businesses in such a way that we not only get conversions but loyalty too!

Focus on the Customer

The key is in understanding what the target audience wants. With networking forum, interacting with the consumer directly has become possible. Therefore, social media marketing should include this key point in its strategy.

The marketer should ask relevant questions that give them a clear insight into customer wants and needs. Then only content relevant to the consumers can be created.


Businesses should aim at first specializing in an aspect of a product or service and once they’ve conquered a niche should they progress further.

It is advisable to start with creating a segmented social media marketing strategy. Once brand placement and perception are positively done, should the business move towards the broader spectrum.

Quality Over Quantity

Social media marketing research is effective only when the feedback is from actual users or the targeted audience. Having multiple followers who are not positively adding value to the brand, is not to the business’s advantage.

Silent or absent followers should be regularly weeded out.

Content Marketing through Perseverance

Social media ad campaigns implementation start showing results slowly. It is a continuous process. One can’t stop after doing it only once.

It requires patience and regular data analysis to keep changing the focus according to the trends, to see some results.

Different Social Platforms

If the businesses offer continuous worthy content and show effort on building the brand image and cultivate a quality audience, they start showing on Google searches through different entry points. That is the way how to do social media marketing.

The content gets shared through various social channels like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, or personal blogs, and reaches a far wider, probably similarly interested audience!

User Engagement Definition and the Life Cycle

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Every business needs to showcase its products or services well. The chance to do that depends on the time the customers spend with your business. Imagine a store that allows its customers to browse through all the products at their ease and hence keeps them engaged. Let’s try and understand the user engagement definition with an online example.

In an online setup, however, the amount of time spent gets considerably reduced due to the limitation of the online document real estate, or the web page area.

The user engagement definition hence stands for the website layout strategies which ensure optimal display of business offerings to keep the consumer interested in staying on the website for a longer time.

To understand the user engagement definition mainly has three elements, these can be termed as the engagement cycle:

  • Inbound traffic: While site visits are important it is important to target the right customers. When an influential ad is posted, or a useful product is on display. It gets site visits via organic or inorganic routes. The best inbound marketers plan how to make the customer remain on your site for longer, for example by placing the call to action button within eye reach and in the first frame of the web page itself.
  • There is conversion! :  Now this may not always mean that there has been a sale. However it can mean the end objective of the campaign has been met, it could be a sign up for a subscription, or entering an email id, or filling out a survey or posting an inquiry.

At this stage, engagements include sending thank you emails and cross-selling a related product. This is a good time to ask for a review or feedback.

  • Post purchase follow up: Once the conversion is done, however, there can be multiple ways of checking if there is a scope of a repeat purchase/visit depending upon the category of your products/service or seasonality of the whole campaign.

Once the conversion has been achieved, the users can be kept in touch with using push notifications of informative blogs, sharing important short and crisp pieces of trivia.

This ensures their trust in you being a thought leader and an influencer.

While each business is unique, to keep a user engaged, one must get the customer what she wants. Facilitation is the key. Constant iterations made using the website analytics data lead to the correct user engagement definition for each business.

Starting An Online Business: 4 Tips That Will Increase Your Chances Of Success

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online business

Starting an online business can be quite an exciting thing to do, however some online businesses have been around for years, and you need to compete with them to keep your head above water.

The good news is that if work hard at your online business, you too could be just as successful as Timothy Sykes, or Elon Musk, here’s how:

Design A Good Website

It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, who your customers are, or how much you charge, your website needs to be a good-looking regularly updated one that is easy to navigate.

Think about designing the layout of the website yourself, and keep it simple, making sure your products easy to find. An overly complicated website could turn your customers away, and that’s the last thing you want.

If you simply don’t have the skills to design a good website, hire a local firm to do the job for you. Local firms are likely to offer you a good price, and be happy to give you what you want.

Identify Your Competition

Find out who your competition is so that you can offer potential customers something better. You can compete with multinational organizations by offering a personal touch, that gives your customers exactly what they’re looking for.

Many large companies do not offer every single customer exactly what they want, but you can. Identify your competition, try to beat their prices, and offer your customers a little bit more than they can. This will stand you in good stead.

Keep Working Hard

The moment you start your new business is the moment you need to start working hard. If you want to get your online business up and running, you’ll need to work more than 1 evening a week; you may need to work every evening for the next 3 months.

The more work you put into starting your business, and keeping it going, the more likely you are to succeed. Work at getting a good reputation, meet and beat those deadlines, and you’ll soon find you have a good online business to work with.

Know What The Latest Trends Are

Knowing what the latest trends are is crucial, not only to online fashion stores, but to any business. Every single type of business out there will be affected by a range of trends, whether it’s the latest trend in garden design, or something else entirely.

Knowing what is popular right now, means that you can offer all of your customers the latest in search engine optimization techniques, sound effects, or mobile phone apps.

The more you stay on trend and move with the times the more likely customers will stick around.

Use the above tips to help you get your online business off the ground, and achieve success. Design a good website, identify your competition, work hard, and know what the latest trends are, giving your online business the chance to succeed.

How Effective Is Engagement Rate Twitter as a Marketing Tool?

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Dashboard for your tweet activity is a tool that lets you know more about your Tweets. It measures the engagement rate Twitter on how well your Tweets were received by your audience. Know more to make optimum use of this amazing marketing tool.

Tracking Tweet  Dashboard

Engagement Rate Twitter is measured as (Favorites + ReTweets + Replies) ➗ Number of Total Followers.

In the current socially active scenario, the lifespan of a Tweet is very short. To be able to be actually considered measurable, as per Followerwonk, a person needs to Tweet minimum nine times a day. The statistics for that is increasing as well because of the evolving Tweet community.

Relevant Engagement Rate Twitter

As per Social Bakers, several brands were ranked on the basis of their Tweet activity. The top most 25 had .07% (0.0007) per Tweet. That is the ideal percentage to be achieved per Tweet. The aim should be reachability, even if a direct interaction is impossible!

For example, a Tweet got six favorites, 3 RTs, nine replies, and the writer has 1000 followers, his Engagement Rate Twitter would be calculated as = (6+3+9) ➗ 1000 = 18 ➗ 1000 = 0.018 or 1.8%. This is a good percentage even among high-profile brands!

Use of the Activity Dashboard

The Twitter account Tweet Dashboard lets a user:

  •    Check for the Tweet engagement in real time.
  •    Compare the activity of the Tweets against the number of followers to check for its trend status.
  •    Information like RTs, replies, follows, likes, and the number of clicks can be seen by clicking on the Tweet.
  •    You can even get a detailed data about the followers especially the ones that engage with the Tweet.
  •    The engagement rate Twitter can be downloaded.

Increasing the Tweet Metrics

Measuring the Tweet engagement is very important to be the best inbound marketers. It allows the marketer to capture the existing audience and engage them for longer.

There are a few ways through which it can be done.

The first method is to follow the Twitter account followers. After finding out relevant details about the followers through Hootsuite, the marketer can follow the ones they find compatible with their brand and its promotions.

Instead of sending Direct Messages to the new followers, Tweet public thanks for their support by hashtagging them in the Tweet. This brings them in focus and is a simple yet effective way of being highlighted before their followers!

Using BuzzSumo and keywording the relevant industry, one can find out the top trendsetters and influencers. Following them helps you being aware of the latest in the industry.

Other ways to enhance your engagement rate Twitter are to compile a list of people tweeting about the trade, describe yourself in few relevant keywords, go through Twitter recommendations, use pictures to highlight your posts, and reply quickly.

Blog Writing Service – Key to Your Content Marketing Success

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In today’s web-world where several marketing gimmicks often fail to capture the fleeting attention of customers, the content still rules the roost. Professional blog writing service helps you create relevant content for your website which can be effectively used as a central hub for all your social media platforms used to connect with your customers.

There is no gainsaying the fact that writing blogs are an integral part of your business’s content marketing strategy. It is supposedly the best way to build rapport with your customers or target audience and consolidate your brand’s position as a stalwart in the industry. If you are hard pressed for time to research and write your own blogs on a regular basis, or you do not have a professional team of writers to do that for you, it is imperative that you start looking for a professional blog writing service, where expert writers create content tailor-made for your business requirement.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that aims at producing unique and relevant content for a targeted audience in an attempt to engage with them to drive them to take actions profitable for your business.

This is an important part of inbound marketing where you attract your customers to your business using quality content encouraging them to do things that add value to your business.

Why Do You Need Professional Blog Writing Service?

The Internet abounds in content. But do all of them work effectively to hold the audience’s attention? We all know it does not. The key here is to write ‘effective’ and ‘relevant’ content. And this is precisely where the need for professional blog writing service arises.

It is obvious that producing quality content for your blogs is more than just writing anything that comes to the mind. It is a science of understanding your target audience inside out and writing in accordance with their preferences. And a quality blog writing service does just that for you.

How To Choose The Right Blog Writing Service For Your Business

Choosing the best blog writing service is a key decision that affects your business in several ways. While the task of choosing an appropriate one from a crowded marketplace might seem a daunting task, the effort you invest is worth it.

The best way to find out if a blog writing service suits your business needs is to ask for sample article on a topic relevant to your business. This way you can understand whether they have the required expertise to write for the topics related to your business.

Moreover, you should not compromise on the quality of your blogs by getting tempted to cheap blog writing services. This may do your business more harm than good. Thus it is important to weigh your options judiciously before you choose an appropriate blog writing service for your business.

How To Promote Your Business Through Social Media

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Create an online frenzy by learning how to promote your business through social media!

Are you the entrepreneur of a brilliant business? Has it remained underrated because of poor advertisements? It is time to bring your business out from the little, dingy alley that it stands on into lives of citizens all over the world! Stop wondering! We let you into the secrets of how to promote your business through social media.

The power of social media

The social media has superpowers that cannot be fathomed. The world is available to the world at the mere click of a button. You need to tug at this very string and use it to your advantage. Your business can shine brightly in the competitive market if you use the whetstone of social media wisely.

How to promote your business through Social Media?

There are several tricks of the trade. Starting with basics, the most important rule to follow is to bring your business into the presence of the social media. This starts by building a website, a content page, blog, etc. Having done that; we divulge to you all the secrets there are to getting the maximum profits for your business online:

  1.    Better Visuals, better business: Make your content page attractive and engaging.
  2.    Share your content on the right platform.
  3.    Share your business content when the time is right.
  4.    Expand and include online partners and brand advocates in your venture.
  5.    Pay and get paid more: Promote your content by investing in online advertising.

These are only a few, yet effective methods of powerful content marketing. With these basics in hand, let us proceed to some queries that may be running around in your head.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is a strategic form of online marketing. This includes creating relevant, attractive and audience specific content to release on suitable online platforms. The viewership of your content and its popularity can ultimately win you prized customers!

Use the Internet Wisely

This is the world of followers, tweets, and hash tags! A strong social media presence will build you a stronger business.

The World Can Become your Market Place

Use the best content marketers wisely and use them well. Learn the newfound tricks of the newfound World Wide Web and the globe will become your marketplace. Once you learn the subtle trades of how to promote your business through social media, your popularity will increase manifolds

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All That’s There To Know About Online Influencer Marketing

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Online Influencer Marketing is the latest buzzword in the realm of Social Media Marketing. Companies favor this approach over traditional marketing medium, as this tends to lend higher credibility of the product to the end user. It is kind of testimonial advertising where individuals with high social reach are used to influence potential buyers. The marketing activities are then placed around these influencers.

What is Online Influencer Marketing?

It is an indirect form of marketing to sway the target buyers using a popular and a reputed person to promote a product or a service. Companies have been using the medium of Online Influencer Marketing to enhance product credibility based on endorsements from a reputed source.

How does it work?

Given that influencer marketing is a buzzword these days many companies are using this media to reach the target audience. The companies follow a step-by-step approach to achieving high returns on investment.

  • Identifying the influencer: Companies identify high-impact and well-connected key individuals such as bloggers, celebrities, and activists. The aim is to find a person with millions of followers of their public channels and blogs.

  • Creating company’s awareness: The firm creates an organic relationship with the influencer bringing them an awareness of the company’s products, services, values, etc.

  • Endorsing through the Influencers: Based on the given brief, these individuals now promote the use of the company’s products on their social platforms and blogs, thereby bringing larger awareness.

How is this form of Social Media Marketing helpful?

This is one of the best inbound marketing technique is beneficial bringing:

  • Increased Credibility: A well-known person supporting the company and its products certainly lend credibility. Compared to other forms of marketing and promotional activities, this approach brings a higher level of trust and reliability.

  • Increased Visibility: A celebrity with millions of followers brings more visibility and awareness to the product. People are curious to know what their favorite icon is using or doing. It is likely to generate higher inbound marketing for the company.

It is not all rosy!!

While using an online influencer is effective, a high follower base does not necessarily translate into increased sales for the company. A mismatch between company’s expectations and influencers understanding can impact the brand negatively.

On the other hand, an unenthusiastic response from the followers may result in low returns on high cost, as it is usually a paid testimony.

Maximizing benefits using Online Influencer Marketing

For maximizing the benefits of this form of advertising, understand and identify patrons who admire your product and encourage them to become your brand ambassadors.

Make your influencers a part of your movement where they are endorsing the how and why they are using the product as well as where is it being used and who else is using this product. Retain an influencer to maximize your products awareness amongst the users.

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